General information

Through our online service NameFaith.com, a market place of domain names provided on our website, we will process personal data. We highly value the privacy of our customers and observe due care in processing and protecting personal data.

Because we value your privacy, we:

process personal data in compliance with the requirements laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy legislation;

keep developing ourselves in providing even more privacy friendly services.

Please read this privacy statement carefully. This privacy statement is primarily directed to those using the website as a private person or as an employee of a client. Company data is only covered by this privacy statement if the data can be traced back to a natural person.

Use of Personal Data through our Services

Certain features of our services require you to register beforehand. After your registration we will retain your user name and the personal data you provided. We will retain this personal data so that you do not have to re-enter it every time you visit our website, to contact you in connection with the execution of the agreement, for invoicing and payment, and to provide an overview of the products and services you have purchased from us.

To register on our website, we require the following personal data:email address/address/full name (for Know Your Customer, KYC)/company name (in case you represent a company).

Our portal gives you access to a management environment where you can change and save your settings, including the personal data you used to register.

We have a strict real name policy in order to prevent fraud, meaning you are not allowed to use anything other than your real name ("Know Your Customer").

Contact Form and Newsletter

If you fill out a contact form on the website or send us an email, the personal data you provide will be retained for as long as is necessary to fully answer and correctly handle your message or email, depending on the nature of the form or the content of your email.

We collect your:name/email address/message.

We may contact you to perform our legitimate business purposes, for example to discuss transaction related topics with you:by email or telephone.

We use the personal data provided by you or which we found on your website, all in accordance with the GDPR and direct marketing laws.

We have a newsletter to inform those interested in our products and/or services. If you are a customer, your email address will be added to the list of subscribers unless you opt-out. In this case, we have a legitimate interest for sending you the newsletter. The newsletter informs you about developments of NameFaith.com.

If you do not or no longer wish to receive our newsletter or other mailings, you can unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.


We use very few cookies.

What cookies do we use on NameFaith.com? We use analytical cookies to be able to measure user-interactions on our website and we use messenger cookies to provide a live chat on our website.

We use cookies from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Intercom. We entered into a data processing agreement, the last numbers of your IP address have been masked and we did not allow these parties to use your personal data for other services offered by them or partners.

We love to chat with you and support your every need. We use Intercom as a chat service. Intercom deletes your personal data every month automatically.


Your personal data is safe with us. In order to secure your personal data, we take security measures to reduce misuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. The measures we take include:

our website is secured with a SSL-certificate so personal data sent is encrypted;

we make use of secure payment providers;

we have a strict access policy. Only authorized personnel / third parties have access to your personal data;

we conclude data processing agreements with third parties who process your personal data on our behalf.

Third-party Websites

This statement is not applicable to third party websites if these are connected to this website, for example through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a secure and careful manner. We kindly recommend you read these websites’ privacy statements before making use of these websites.